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Luana is an Artificial Intelligence Software application that transforms the efficiency and outcomes of all the Stakeholders involved in healthcare. It is a Patient-Centered fabric validating clarity and substantiation of every step and action. Our System is Backed by the latest and up to date research bringing about an overall metamorphosis of Health and wellness for everyone involved.

Our software is complementary to current EHR and Telemedicine software’s that are currently in the market and it imbricates their drawbacks.

We are utilizing the Power of Data to influence the patient’s day to day lives for the better. There is a dramatic improvement in communication between a physician and a patient, as the doctors can join the group chat conversation.

Our clinic and hospital partners will reap improved patient compliance, their providers will be able to work more efficiently, engage their patients in a better manner and deliver meaningful data that can be utilized in Medical Research. Overall, better customer experience.

Luana enables a reduction in Hospital admission rates and in length of stay because of the ability to downgrade patient to a rehab facility or at home monitoring.


Insurance companies gain the edge of more insight into their subscribers’ risks management, utilization of hospitalizations and ancillary measures, resulting in more accurate population experience, cost containment, and appropriate claim reimbursements. In the end, Luana improves their competitive advantage, increases their pricing, product margin and lowers the insurance product risk. Luana is a perfect added value on the insurance products for a higher net profit.

The complete Luana remote monitoring/telemedicine process is logged and tracked because Luana is a chatbot and gathers textual data, where traditional telemedicine is composed of big media files that are hard to store and analyze to gather important medical insights and to be used for insurance reimbursements.

Frequently Asked Questions

Private practice, clinics or hospitals are buying a software subscription for the Luana admin panel. Then they can start managing their patients lifestyle to prevent disease and provide cardiac rehabilitation with a personalized program while having insight into data at the same time.

LUANA is 100% free for the patients.
If the patient is taking some services from the clinic, they handle all necessary payments.

Luana is an artificial intelligence virtual assistant and asks questions by herself and guides the patient through the program by herself. Also, our algorithm automatically created the best program for the patient. Luana even answers the patients’ questions, doctors only enter the communication when necessary.
Doctors have minimal work only if they want to update the therapy, change some variables or customize the program.

Luana rewards the patient with tokens and achievements if they are compliant with the program. Also, by collecting data and engaging the patient in the whole process we improve compliance.

With Luana patients exactly know what to do and they have a detailed insight into their therapy. The doctor can simply join the group chat between Luana and the patient to ask questions or answer them.

Currently we support English and German.

We are an international team of doctors, scientists and IT experts and always strive to create a groundbreaking solution.
Virtual assistant enables an unprecedented interactive user experience. Luana is the only digital health solution that enables seamless connection of doctors with the patients during the care process by managing lifestyle to prevent cardiovascular diseases.

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